About Bright Eyes Day Nursery

Each of our play rooms / areas have been individually designed to reflect the different needs of each age group, children progress through the rooms based on their stage not their age, therefore all ages are given as approximate indicators as we strive to provide the best care possible for our youngest 3 month old trough to our oldest 5 year old ready for school.

Free child places available!

We offer the 2, 3 & 4 year old’s free education grant scheme which is hassle free as the government pays us direct.

Under the scheme when a child reaches 2 years of age he or she qualifies for 15 hours of free early education each week for 38 weeks of the year or 10 hours per week stretched over 51 weeks!

Here at Bright Eyes Day Nursery we have a fantastic team all of whom are passionate about working with children and seeing them reach their full potential. All of our staff at Bright Eyes Day Nursery are NVQ level 3 qualified or above including, foundation degree, B/A in Early childhood studies and Qualified teachers status. All members of staff are CRB checked and hold child protection qualifications; they are also all first aid qualified. Bright Eyes Day Nursery encourages all staff to complete local government run training courses such as; a Communication course, Observation, planning and assessments course, English as an additional language, Holistic play course and super hero and weapon play to name but a few.

A lovely peaceful, yet stimulating room for the youngest members of Bright Eyes. The Twinkle room has been specially designed to provide a perfect environment for your child’s early stages. We have a large range of equipment and fantastic staff to encourage their all round development using activities such as music, songs, stories, tummy time, and sensory exploration are a daily occurrence. From 6 months old your child will have the added benefit of using the Twinkle art and craft area, where plenty of painting / colouring / sand/ water play can be enjoyed. The Twinkles enjoy trips out into the garden, to the local library, to our local park and also just out for a walk and some fresh air too. The Twinkles also have a daily diary to keep you informed of your child’s day and of their progress, parents are also encouraged to contribute to this.

The sunshine room is both lively and exciting. The children have the opportunity to take part in a large range of activities which include; music, reading, construction, group times, role play, and puzzles to name but a few! The Sunshine’s room is large and inviting where the children have plenty of scope for their boundless energy. The Sunshine children also have a separate art and craft room that leads directly into the garden, here they paint, stick, draw, and have great fun in the sand, water and sensory trays.

The inquisitive pre-school children are gradually introduced in a fun and enjoyable way for each individual child to reach their own potential through following their own interests with regard to all aspects of their learning.

This helps to prepare for the eventual transition from nursery to school. Other activities incorporate language, mathematics and personal, social and emotional development skills to help provide a general knowledge and understanding of the world. Within this very large and airy room there is always plenty of laughter, learning and fun. The pre-school has its own art and craft area where the children have the freedom of choice as to what they would like to do, a few ideas include painting, sticking, drawing fun in the sand, water and sensory trays. the pre-school also have a writing area with their own letter box, access to a computer at all times, (internet access is strictly monitored with parental permission always gained first), a construction area, a home corner, a sensory area, a library area to name but a few, Pre-school also have the freedom of choice to take all of these activities out into the garden.

Adventure Garden: For all ages

Bright Eyes boasts a wonderful garden, which has been professionally designed for your child’s ultimate enjoyment. There is a special eco-friendly area featuring a recycling centre, a vegetable patch, and flower beds. We have a large decked area for bikes and cars to chug about on, with art easels, chalking walls, and multi-sensory pods, and even a sunken sand pit! The rest of the garden is barked for the pirate ship climbing frame, see-saws and slides. Just in case it is raining we have a large covered play area to enable your child to enjoy fresh air every day, come rain or shine.